Berenice started in 2004. From basic and chic knits, feminine colors and elegant cuts. “I chose Berenice’s name because it’s a name that conveys a timeless image, both classic and elegant. ” Frederic Krief. The famous cashmere sweater adorned with two wings in the back opens its doors to success for the brand and its creator. “Berenice’s wings symbolize freedom and purity, just like our clothes.” Frederic Krief.


The brand knows a new breath in 2007, when Frédéric meets Myriam Séguy who becomes his wife, his muse, the muse of his companions and, now, the artistic director of the Brand.


The amorous and professional fusion of these two personalities gives wings to the brand that goes beyond the borders of the hexagon to become an international brand.


Berenice is committed to sharing her passion for noble materials and colors. Wool, conton, cashmere, leather, flannel … ocher, rhubarb, caramel, petal; carbon … Quality is important for Berenice.


Every day, our creative studio and all of our teams pool their energy and talent to create collections in keeping with the brand.